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AUBREY WILLIAMS: Now and Coming Time
KENJI YOSHIDA: A Celebration of Life
Spirit Worlds


04 February 2010 to 03 April 2010
AUBREY WILLIAMS: Now and Coming Time
Brion Gysin

The New Year of 2010 welcomes in two major exhibitions, in two different cities, of the work of one extraordinary international artist: Aubrey Williams. October Gallery, London and Walker Art Gallery, National Museums Liverpool, have joined forces to produce two linked and overlapping solo exhibitions of Williams’ work together with the publication of a new catalogue providing fresh insights into one of the twentieth century’s great artistic spirits.

Born, in 1926, in Georgetown, Guyana, Aubrey Williams remains one of the great enigmas of twentieth-century painting. He can be seen as a colossus, bestriding the Atlantic, with feet firmly planted in two very different worlds. Yet his brilliant career remains unknown to many, unacknowledged by all but the most insightful of art critics and art historians.

15 April 2010 to 05 June 2010
KENJI YOSHIDA: A Celebration of Life
Brion Gysin

The first anniversary of the passing of Kenji Yoshida, the October Gallery is pleased to announce a special exhibition of Yoshida’s work that will celebrate the extraordinary life of this remarkable man and outstanding artist. The exhibition, A Celebration of Life, will display works from the different periods of Yoshida’s career, including the incandescent etchings he made at Stanley Heyter’s Atelier 17 in Paris in the early 60’s, inks, calligraphy and paintings on paper from the 70’s onwards, as well, as the distinctive oils on canvas that are his characteristic contribution to contemporary art, deftly-sketched portraits of the created universe itself.

11 June 2010 to 10 July 2010
Brion Gysin

Rachid Koraïchi’s refined work perfectly exemplifies this quest to embody a complex spiritual vision by means of works on paper of exquisite subtlety and imagination. The work of Koraïchi, a Sufi by familial practice, is explicitly devoted to the expression of the mystical elements of the Islamic tradition. The central theme of Ecstatic Flow relates to the lives and teachings of fourteen Sufi masters dating from the 7th to the 17th Centuries, presenting fourteen sets of eight lithographs, one for each of the subjects treated. The subjects include such well-known figures as the mystic Ibn El Arabi and the poet and traveller Jalaluddin Rumi, as well as lesser-known (in the west) masters like Ahmad al Tijani.

24 September 2010 to 06 November 2010
Brion Gysin

October Gallery presents Spirit Worlds, a bold new series of works by West African artist, Julien Sinzogan, in his first UK solo show.

Sinzogan originally trained as an architect and his use of painted pen-and-ink displays the astonishing, technical sophistication of a master draughtsman. His work is as much about the transmigration of African ‘soul’ – the persistence of her dreams, visions, ideas and unique cultural identities - across the Atlantic to the New World beyond, as it is about the return of the spirits of slaves to the African shores.

11 November 2010 to 22 January 2011
GOLNAZ FATHI: Liminal-Subliminal
Brion Gysin

Born in Tehran, in 1972, Golnaz Fathi is an influential member of an exciting group of contemporary artists to surface in Iran over the last several years. Whilst studying Graphic Design at Azad University, in Tehran, Fathi became fascinated by the expressive potential of traditional Persian calligraphic forms and immersed herself in a sustained six-year study of traditional calligraphy, where she became one of only a tiny handful of women trained to the highest level within that discipline. At this point Fathi made the conscious decision to fulfil her career as an artist rather than to continue within the privileged world of pure Islamic calligraphy, practised predominantly by male calligraphers.

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