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Founded in 1979, October Gallery, in central London, exhibits innovative, contemporary art from around the world. For over 35 years, October Gallery has pioneered the development of the Transvangarde - the trans-cultural avant-garde.


Huang Xu

Huang Xu was born in Beijing in 1968.  He established the Substratum Art Studio in 1989, the Migrant Bird Art Studio in 1991 and the Big Basin Studio in 2003.  He has exhibited in China, Australia and the United Kingdom and works as a professional photographer in Beijing.

In his London exhibition, 2009, Huang Xu presented a series of ethereal oversize C-prints exploring the fragile nature of the contemporary global economy.  The tattered remains of plastic bags from rubbish heaps in China were collected and digitally remodelled in 3D scanners normally used by archaeologists to produce images of haunting luminosity. Evoking the aesthetic of the sublime, Huang Xu’s vast prints capture freeze-frame shots of decay in a maelstrom of economic change.

Huang Xu elevates this detritus to inspirational heights. Far from resembling waste, his densely textured, luminous prints suggest the fine silk textiles of Imperial China, evoking an age of decadence and wealth, recalling the historic trade links between China and the West.   These histories ironically foreshadow the current balance of economic power, and give a wry commentary on the trade in materials; whilst China once shipped silk to the West, the West now ships used plastic bags back to China.


Huang Xu
Transvangarde Illuminations

Flower No. 2

Flower No. 9 (Rose)

Flower Dahlia

Fragment No. 1

Huang Xu, Fragment No.2
Fragment No. 2

Huang Xu, Fragment No.3
Fragment No. 3
Huang Xu, Fragment No.4
Fragment No. 4
Huang Xu, Fragment No.5
Fragment No. 5

Huang Xu, Fragment No.6
Fragment No. 6

Huang Xu, Fragment No.7
Fragment No. 7
Huang Xu, Fragment No.9
Fragment No. 9
Huang Xu, Fragment No.10
Fragment No. 10

Huang Xu, Fragment No.12
Fragment No. 12

Huang Xu, Fragment No.20
Fragment No. 20
Huang Xu, Fragment No.21
Fragment No. 21
Huang Xu, Fragment No.23
Fragment No. 23

Huang Xu, Fragment No.25
Fragment No. 25

Huang Xu, Fragment No.26
Fragment No. 26
Huang Xu, Fragment No.27
Fragment No. 27
Huang Xu, Fragment No.30
Fragment No. 30

Huang Xu, Fragment No.31
Fragment No. 31


Huang Xu

Beijing, China, 1968.

1991  Graduated at Beijing Academy of Fine Arts

Selected solo exhibitions
2008   Fragments, Arc 1 Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
   Artists Residence Program - Huang Xu: Untitled (Mixed Media on Canvas), ColorElefante C, Valencià, Spain
   Huang Xu’s Photograph, Mulpa Space, Beijing, China
2007   Huang Xu’s Photograph, La Case Art Spaces, Beijing, China

Selected group exhibitions
2008    Luminous Dark, Bleibtreau Galerie, Berlin, Germany
    Luminous Dark, King on William Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Huang Xu: Plastic Bags, “Art Beijing 2008”, China
    Dancing with the Dragon: Contemporary Art From Beijing, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, North Carolina, USA
    “Meaning-Less” Photo Exhibition, VIS A VIS Artlab, Beijing, China
    “P.O.P.” (Painting/Print/Photography) Exhibition from Beijing & New York Artists, Pickled art center, Beijing, China
Act First and Report Afterwards, 3 space, Beijing, China
In Lens, Out of Lens, Duke Art Space, Beijing, China
C.A.P. Launch, Two Lines Gallery, Beijing, China
2007 Visual Arts Archivess, Open Contemporary Art Centre, Beijing, China
Warm up, Hot Sun Space, Beijing, China
Associated Exhibition In September, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing, China
The Ways, Ke Contemporary Art Centre, Shanghai, China
Paper View,Two Lines Gallery, Beijing, China
Allocate, Beijing International Art Campus (BIAC), China
Demolish, Demolish, Demolish,BIAC, Beijing, China
The First and Second Open Exhibitions, BIAC, Beijing, China
Going to Market, Shangri-la Community Art Center, Beijing, China

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