The aim of PARTICIPATE is to provide teachers with the resources to effectively teach Global Citizenship through art and design. Run as a partnership project by the October Gallery and Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC), PARTICIPATE offers teachers an exciting opportunity to widen their knowledge and understanding of contemporary arts from the majority world.

aims to:
- Raise awareness of the work of contemporary arts and artists from the Majority World.
- Demonstrate how their work links to key Global Citizenship concepts and provide teachers with new ways to teach Global Citizenship in the classroom.
- Introduce cross-curricular approaches to teaching Global Citizenship.
Over the last two years RISC and the October Gallery have delivered a range of Creative Professional Development seminars and outreach workshops which focus on the work of international artists represented by the October Gallery. By working in collaboration with teachers, artists and pupils, this series of events has informed the production of our PARTICIPATE Teacher Resources.

Each pack focuses on an individual artist and contains information on their background, country of origin, themes in their work and how they relate to the curriculum for Global Citizenship. The packs are full of useful links to other Global Citizenship teaching resources, in addition to providing examples of creative activities that have been trialled in schools. This website has been developed to give teachers easy access to PARTICIPATE Teacher Resource Packs.

The website is navigable by artist, country of origin and Global Citizenship curriculum, with useful links made between themes, artists and activity resources. If you require any further information regarding PARTICIPATE please contact us.