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El Anatsui:
Aubrey Williams

A Thousand Ways of Being

Master Strokes:
Jimoh Buraimoh and Chief Z. O. Oloruntoba
Balanced on the Edge of Chaos:
Transvangarde 2002:

A Thousand Ways of Being
Memory and Presence in the arts of Diasporas
26th June 2002 to 31st July 2002


An exhibition that examines the way in which twelve individual artists, of African, South Asian, Chinese, South American and Middle eastern descent, reflect their experiences of having moved - whether by choice or coercion, whether historically or more recently, to live and work in different environments such as London, Paris, Haiti and Cuba. The exhibition looks at the different ways in which these artists have chosen to balance a 'there' with a different 'here,' a 'then' with a more immediate 'now' and the strategies employed to integrate an awarness of an earlier heritage with subsequently acquired artistic frames of reference. 



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