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Founded in 1979, October Gallery, in central London, exhibits innovative, contemporary art from around the world. For over 40 years, October Gallery has pioneered the development of the Transvangarde - the trans-cultural avant-garde.


Emmanuel Taiwo Jegede

Emmanuel Taiwo Jegede is a poet, painter, printmaker, and a sculptor in wood, bronze, and ceramics. Born in 1943, in Ayegbaju Ekiti within the Yoruba speaking region of Nigeria, he was apprenticed at a young age to Pa Akerejola, going on to develop his artistic abilities in Lagos at the Yaba School of Technology. In 1963, Jegede came to the UK to receive training in the decorative arts, interior design, sculpture and bronze casting, and in 1968 held his first exhibition at the Woodstock Gallery, London. Jegede takes traditional Yoruba art as the starting point for his work, employing his own fine art training to bring him to a unique marriage of European figurative modernism and his native Nigerian style. His sculptures and paintings reflect the Yoruba concept of creativity, and his conviction of the essence of inspiration being inseparable from the concept of human consciousness.

“The design of my work I take my idea because being a poet, the mind of a poet is like an ocean, in an ocean you can never see the depth, so what happens is that sometimes I get the idea from dreams, but sometimes I get it from scribbling, because when you scribble you dance, and I make dance of the mind and when I truly dance I can produce 100,000 designs and from that I can decide which one I want to use.”

Jegede has become equally well known in recent years for his poetry, as well as his time spent as an artist in residence at a large number of schools and colleges. In all the manifestations of his creativity, Jegede presents his interpretation of life in a myriad of compelling ways that capture the imagination.
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